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Sexual Abuse Children
Pedophilia means literally the love of children.  Today this term is primarily used as a diagnostic[...]

Fitness A Historical Journey In Time

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDH), defi[...]

Immune Disorders

Exploring Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a fluctuating, at times disabling illness of the[...]


Defining Auto-Immune Disorders

The diseases of the autoimmune system affect approximately 14–22 mil[...]


Parkinson’s A Disease of Neurology, Psychology and Sociology

Parkinson’s disease is best characterized by its symptoms such as th[...]

Manic Depression

Bipolar Disorder and Life

Previously known as manic-depressive illness, people with bipolar diso[...]


The Biology of Emotions

While psychological treatment methods of emotion research continue to [...]

Psychosis & Health Psychology

Schizophrenia and Acute Psychosis

Schizophrenia is a chronic debilitating brain disease that has affecte[...]


What is Therapy?

Most therapists want to increase their clients’ consciousness, which[...]

Health Psychology and your Heart

All over the globe people associate love with hearts. If love is lost [...]

Diabetes Type 2

The Diabetes of Today Type 2

Historically, this serious chronic disease affected people of low-inco[...]


Am I Normal? A Self Measure

Life has its ups and downs and everyone may have moments where they qu[...]

Health Psychology

Health Psychology Center Presents: What is Health Psychology?

In the field of physical health and psychological well-being, health [...]


How to Achieve Intimacy

Humans are social animals, and people need to believe that they are wo[...]


Learn to Live with Chronic Pain

Approximately 35% of Americans have complaints of severe pain, and alm[...]


Life with Health Psychology of San Diego

Any calm, content life can turn into a nightmare if a physical illness[...]

Treating depression

Depression and the Bio-Psycho-Social Approach

Depression is one of the most debilitating of illnesses, which eventua[...]


What are the Emotional Effects of Terror?

Fear is a part of life whether it is fear of war and terrorism, or the[...]

Self love

How Self Love and Boundaries Mix

The definition of a boundary is subject to multiple interpretations. I[...]


Codependency always wanting to help

At points in life, most people want to help others because it is part [...]


Meeting Our Expectations

Expectations of ourselves are meant to be energizing, motivating and s[...]

Immune system

The Relationship Between Cancer and the Immune System

Addressing this disease is challenging because millions of people have[...]

Children and fear

Does Health Psychology Relate to Fear and Discipline?

There are many unhappy adults in this world, but the most unhappy ones[...]


Health Psychology Promotes Emotional and Physical Health

A Health Psychology belief is with developing an understanding of how [...]


How to Achieve Success With Counseling

To achieve success in counseling there has to be an agreed upon partne[...]

Organic Food

The Organic Diet and Physical Health

As in generations past, many diets promote skipping necessary nutritio[...]

Central Nervous System

Health Psychology Meets The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system protects the physical body like the Glad[...]

food politics

What Is In My Food?

The food Americans eat has changed more in the last few decades than i[...]

Health Psychology Center

How to Cope with Transition and Change

Throughout life, people can undoubtedly count on changes or transition[...]


Is there a Relationship between Happiness and Joy?

Happiness is subjective. What matters is someone’s perception of[...]